Stripping the paint

As a preperation for the sandblaster, I am busy with a chemical paint stripper. The reason for this being that the sandblaster will need less work to remove the paint and hopefully, lower the costs. It seems the car has accumulated 5 layers of paint over the years and some patches of filler, all these layers of paint also means some extra effort with the paint stripper. I t’s hard to remove all the filler with the paint stripper, so I will leave this for the sandblaster. I haven’t noticed any major repairs yet, so thats good news, but we’ll see how the car looks after sandblasting. I suspect there will be some minor repairs visible then. I’m also working on cleaning up and preparing for painting of some parts of the rear + forward suspension (sway bars and such) and some other small parts and pieces. DSC_0263 (Medium)

The whole process of restoring the car is going a bit slower than I expected it to be before I started. But it doesn’t matter much. I want it all to be done the right way, so, if it’s gonna take more time, so be it. I hope the car is painted and back in my garage spring 2015. Rebuidling the car probably will be much more fun than scraping tectyl or working with paint stripper ;).

DSC_0127 (Custom) DSC_0133 (Custom) DSC_0142 (Custom) DSC_0143 (Custom)

Transport stand

I picked up a transportation stand which is needed to transport the 1800 to the welder, painter and sand blaster. The stand needed some small adjustments to be able to fit the car on top of it, it needed to be lowered quite a bit. When this is finished the car will first go to the welder for a first inspection of what parts of the bodywork will need repair.

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Scraping almost done and fat ass wheels received

So I got the wider steelies I ordered fromย and they are awesome! I like it! They have some small imperfections (the rims are reproductions) so I have to see what can be done about this (I contacted the company from wich I bought the wheels).


And I am almost done with scraping all the mess off of the car beacause of the sandblasting. Soon the car will go to a welder / sandblaster / painter. I did found some good shops who can do these jobs, so we will see what will happen! Yesterday we flipped the car around to do some last pieces of scraping, my brother was helping big time and also made a funny time lapse with his gopro-be-a-hero machine:




After flipping it to the other side:


Making progress

I’m actually making some progress in the tectyl scraping business. Before I thought it would be much harder to get it off, but I have to say it’s going pretty well (or it looks easy because my head is getting all fucked up by sniffing these gasses coming off of the heated up tectyl ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). I think I’m now halfway there.

I’m also still looking for someone who can fix the small rusty spots on the car. I hope this person is also able to do the painting as well. It’s also still a possibility the car will go to a repair shop, but thats probably gonna be more expensive. As you see I’m still figuring out what to do ;).


Still a weird sight seeing the Volvo on it’s side


And I’m saving some money for these 15″ 5,5J 123GT bad boys (60’s bad boys :D). I now have the 15″ 4,5J standard rims, but these 15″ look much better on the car (see example bottom picture) because these rims are 1″ wider. They now have a 8% discount 1ea so I’m not going to wait too long! I like the Minilites more, but these are very rare and very, very expensive.



Car back on it’s side again

The restoration stand has been strengthened (my father welded it, it has gained about 20 kilo’s of welding wire and it can hold a tug boat now ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), painted it, installed the car again and continued with removing of the tectyl.



This is better than scraping when lying on my back!



Also visited my uncle who is restoring a Nekaf M38a1 truck (a in Holland license build Willy Jeep), which was used by the Dutch military back in the days. My uncle, who served in the military, also worked on these 4X4’s back then, so I guess, in a way it’s a bit the same story as me and my Volvo ;). Anyways, it’s a nice project! I hope to see it back on it’s wheels again some day!



Also available with a anti tank cannon ๐Ÿ˜›


Whole lotta scrapin’ going on

As Jerry would say. This is a very very small update, I was in doubt if I had to put it on this site, but I like to make updates so here it is anyway lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

As the stand has to be repaired first, I placed the car on some stone blocks and started scraping. With a heat blower gun it comes off pretty easy, but it’s a messy job.


This took about 30 mins, I did some more but still lots to do. To be continued!


Book tip: Zweedse Liefde (Swedish Love)

I have this sitting in my bookshelf for a long time now, but I rediscovered it again this week and I would like to share this. It is a compilation written by one of my favorite (dutch) writers: Martin Bril. Sadly, he died in 2009 and so making this book extra special. It’s written in Dutch, so this probably won’t be very interesting for international visitors visiting this site.

Martin Bril liked and drove Volvo’s. He wrote some beautiful columns about these cars over the years and these columns where collected and put together in this book. His writing style was different, full with humor and self mockery. A quote of a piece he wrote two years before his death:

“Zolang we maar bewegen, de Volvo en ik, zo lang leven we”

“As long as we are moving, the Volvo and I, this long we will live”

Dear Martin, I hope you are still moving, wherever you may be.



Swearing and scraping!

I’m finished with scraping of the interior! But man, what a bitch this coating on the seams. And at 2 or 3 places I found a little bit of rust behind the coating, again some ticking time bombs, I hate bombs :(.


I’ll see if maybe it’s better to use something else to cover the seams again when the car is sand blasted.

But with the help of a small blowtorch (watch out of not putting too much heat in the metal of the car!) and again, some patience, I got it almost all removed from the interior (trunk, engine bay and interior), I hope it’s good enough for the sand blasting guys. Next is the lower side of the old diva! :).ย The lower side is really going to be a LOT of work. Maybe I can trick some friends with a case of beer and a BBQ to help me a day or so ;). When the car is painted again I’m not going to use Tectyl again, I want to use something like Dinitrol. This because dinitrol is transparent and this way you can see if there are rusty spots forming over time. With Tectyl you cannot see this. I guess Dinitrol is not as tough as Tectyl, so it provides less protection, but at least you can still see the metal. But these are all far, far away future plans :).


Cleaned up the inside.


A strange weld at the front. I guess I’m gonna find some more repairs at the lower side of the car, but it would be strange if I wouldn’t find any repairs on a 47 year old car.


I’m beginning to know all of the car this way ;).

IMG_2581 (Medium)