Subframe repaired

We repaired the subframe and it’s now ready for powder coating.

Cut out the damaged top parts of the shock towers3 (Medium)

DSC_2358 (Medium)

Test fit with piece of cardboard and then cut a piece of metal to fit in the gap, spot weld and if ok weld all around. We also fitted some extra rings on top of the towers for extra strength, probably not necessary but what the heck. My father is an excellent welder so this repair will last for another 50 years. Also the repair is solid enough to be able to withstand (if my girlfriend gives an ‘ok’ for the financial part) the (apparently) stiff bilstien shocks.

5 (Medium) 6 (Medium) 7 (Medium) 8 (Medium) 9 (Medium) 10 (Medium) 11 (Medium) 12 (Medium)

Done. Also made some extra welds, the factory spot welds do not seem very strong, and added a towing eye (hopefully NOT to be used in the future..).

13 (Medium) 14 (Medium)

The welds of the lower braces are still ok, no repairing required.

15 (Medium) 16 (Medium)

Now that the subframe is ready I dropped off all the parts in need of new paint at the powdercoating guys (Waayenberg Coatings). Subframe will be coated RAL7040, pully and cooling fan RAL1004 and the rest just normal black.

DSC_2373 (Medium)

I also started sanding down the car, hopefully the painter will be coming over soon so we can discuss the plan of action!

DSC_2367 (Medium)

My 945 and my fathers V70.

DSC_2224 (Medium)

And last but not least I installed an MBC in my 945 😉

DSC_2259 (Medium)

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