I am still trying to find out who the previous owners of my car were and where it has been located all this time. I can trace back the whereabouts of the car from 2003 and on, but before that all is unknown.

What do I know. The car was built early in 1967 in the Volvo factory at Goteborg, Sweden and was reported ready at 9 march 1967, 12 april 1967 it was delivered in the USA. As far as I know the car always has been dark green code 93 with 310 upholstery. Now I am sanding down the car I can confirm it never had a different color, I found some 5 or 6 layers of paint but these all are green and primer paints I am feeling a bit guilty now I will be the first owner who is changing the color of the car. Unfortunately the engine does nog have matching numbers, as the car was originally delivered with a B18 and now it has a B20 from a later 1800E injection version. The M41 gearbox is still the same one.

In the “ID Tags” topic I already asked Volvo Sweden for more information, see https://volvo1800s.com/2014/04/08/id-tags/. It wasn’t much information, but I was glad to have something. They send me the following info:

Model                                             1800
Chassis number                          23424
Type                                                18345
Color                                               94
Upholstery                                   310
District (sold)                               USA
Engine number                           2405
Gearbox number                       313514
Body number                              23321
Report from factory                  9 March 1967
Delivery from factory               12 April 1967
Furthermore I found on an old inspection report made in 2000 that there where some interesting accesoires installed at the time, such as: a Halda twinmaster, speedpilot, 4 high-beam Cibié headlights, black race seats, steeringlock, fire extinguisher, 14″ minilites rims. Engine, 4 cilinder 2 liter around 140pk, completely overhauled and tuned. So it would seem that the car was prepped for some amature rally riding. Whomever the owner was at this time I have not found yet, but at this time the car already was in the Netherlands for about 5 years so that should not be much of a problem.
I again sent an email to Volvo Sweden for more information when the car was shipped to the US, at which dealership it was delivered etc. etc. I hope I will be able to track the complete whereabouts of the car in the last 48 years.

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