Car back home and made a proper dolly

As the bodywork of the car has nearly been finished (aside from reskinning the doors), I got the car back home in my own shed again after some two years at the metalbasher. The painting guy is pretty busy, so I still have to wait a little while before the body goes to the paintshop. This gave me some time to make a proper restoration dolly and prepare for the door reskinning. I have a new 380v Mig mag welding machine now, a Lorch M222, so finally I can weld my own stuff! Starting with the dolly.

Got the car home again

Made a proper dolly to put the car on.

Started with reskinning the doors.


The pistons where stuck in the calipers, but after a little pursuation I got them out. They did not came out with air pressure from my compressor, so tap them further in, put air pressure on it, tap them back in etc etc. After a while a loud bang and out they came one by one.

Then clean it all up to prep for painting. The bolts, clips, pistons and brake pad pins will go with the second batch to be zinc plated. The seals are all pretty much shot, so I need to find new ones.


Front suspension finished

The front suspension is assembled now with all the painted and new parts and it looks very clean. I’m also working to rebuild the calipers for cleaning and painting, but the pistons are stuck. So I need to sort that out. And I’m still a bit in doubt if I use the old and good, but a bit rusty discs or find new ones.



Now starting with rebuilding the rear diff. I’ve allready painted the axle, but I’m not completely satisfied with the result so possibly I’l do it again.


The saga continues..

Two years since my last update, about time for a new one. Progress on the car is still being made, altough very slowly. Lots of bodywork was neccessary because of some rust and the many old poorly repaired damages covered under fat layers of bondo, probably done in the US. They all where redone in a proper way. Now the body is nearly finished and I hope I can drop it off at a paint shop within a few months.

I’m also busy rebuilding the front suspension and the rear suspension will be next. This so the car can get back on its wheels asap after painting.



Car sandblasted

It has been a while, but since my last post the car has been sandblasted. Luckily no additional large area’s of rust surfaced so were still sticking to the plan of action we determined before. Also some small sheetmetalwork has been started, but no no large parts have been cut out or something. 

So first the bad spots are going to be repaired and some modifications are made, then the car will be slightly sandblasted again and the car will be painted with epoxyprimer. So work is still in progress, to be contiued!





Car transported

As I am finished with removing of all the tectyl and sanding down the car (including doors, trunk and hood lid) it was time to bring it to the guys who will sandblast the car and repair the rust and old badly done repairs which where buried below layers of filler.

So pulled it out of my garage for the last time for transport. Much of the car has been sanded down to bare metal. As I said, I found some rust and old bad damage repairs (probably done in bondo-USA..) below the layers of paint and filler, which need attention.



Doors, trunk and hood lid sanded down to bare metal.


Door skin of both doors are pretty much banged up, so I got some NOS door panel skins for a very good price from


I also found 2 new panels to repair the rust in the rear fender in front of the rear wheels, both sided. Bought at


As I said in a previous post, the upper panel on the nose is also damaged so I got a good 2nd hand replacement part.


Furthermore there are 2 more damages which will probably need new panels, so I’m still looking replacement panels for this. Damage on the LH FWD side and RH fender:


The floorpanels where the last parts where I had to remove some tectyl, so from now on no more scraping ;).


Picked up a trailer (had to remove the security first..)


Pulling it on the deck

DSC_4392 DSC_4393 DSC_4410

Tied it down


Tight fit, luckily I measured the width of the trailer and my driveway before 😉


And dropped it off at the bodywork garage. It was a bit strange to leave it behind, but it’s near my folks home so I will take a look often to see the progress. Well see how it goes and if the guys are going to find more rusty stuff or old damages or something like that. Ofcourse I hope not, but you never know with a car of 50 years old.


Do you feel lucky punk?

As mr. Callahan would say. Sanding the car is making progress, and, when grinding away the spots with filler the metal showed some old repairs, I already found some 8 spots:

On the nose in the area below the emblem buckled and dented, pretty bad so I got an replacement part


The right side


Most of the damages are just damages, no rust. There is some rust at the bottom corner of the aft fenders in front of the rear wheels so this will probably mean some cutting and replacing panels.


And above the rear wheels


Damages at the right front fender, here there also is some oil canning


A poorly repaired hole in the door sill

DSC_3624 DSC_3626 DSC_3629

Sanding away 6 layers of paint

DSC_3678 DSC_3680


DSC_3685 DSC_3696

The left side also had some surprises

dsc_3697-1DSC_3698 DSC_3720

Damage on the side at the front of the fender


Some damage at the rear upper wing


The rear looks pretty OK, just some minor dents


All in all I’m feeling not so lucky. On the other hand, it’s a 48 year old car so it is bound to have some hidden damages. When I’m busy sanding I keep wondering what the stories behind these  repairs are ;). When did it happen? Who was driving? Who was he/she? What kind of work did he/she do? Where was he/she going to? Did he/she was married or have kids? And did the accidents happen in the states? What did it hit and how fast was he/she driving? Where was it repaired and who repaired it? I would love to have a time machine and go back in time and check out to see in what kind of lives my car was kept. Offcourse when I would have such an machine then I could also prevent these accidents so I would have easy restoration time now ;).

But anyway back to present, as I said most damages do not have rust, but we have to decide what to do with it. Best would be that all damages will be replaced with new or better 2nd hand panels then filling it up with filler again, but as sheet-metal of 1800’s is frigging expensive we’ll have to make a cost / benefit decision. To be continued..

This old advertisement of Volvo nicely shows that a Volvo is just a Volvo, a loyal reliable small sports car made for everyday use 😀


And last but not least, my best Clint eastwood imitation 😉