Rear diff control rods

Rear control and panhard rods finished. Old bushings removed, rods sand blasted and powder coated black, bolts and rings re-plated and new lock nuts and new PU bushings.


Parts painted

Picked up some powder-coated parts, all looks really nice. I can almost start with piecing back together the front and rear suspension. I still need to clean up and send off all the bolts, nuts and rings, for sinc plating. Also ordered some PU bushings for the suspension and I’m prepping to paint the rear axle.

DSC_2574 (Medium) DSC_2575 (Medium)

And again dropped off some other of the last parts which also need to be painted.

DSC_2573 (Medium)

Subframe repaired

We repaired the subframe so it is ready for powder coating.

Cut out the damaged top parts of the shock towers3 (Medium)

DSC_2358 (Medium)

5 (Medium) 6 (Medium) 7 (Medium) 8 (Medium) 9 (Medium) 10 (Medium) 11 (Medium) 12 (Medium)

13 (Medium) 14 (Medium)

The welds of the lower braces are still ok, no repairing required.

15 (Medium) 16 (Medium)

Now that the subframe is ready I dropped off all the parts in need of new paint at the powdercoater (Waayenberg Coatings). Subframe will be coated RAL7040, pulley and cooling fan RAL1004 and the rest just normal black.

DSC_2373 (Medium)

I also started sanding down the car, hopefully the painter will be coming over soon so we can discuss a plan of action.

DSC_2367 (Medium)