The right door, had filler and has a shallow dent in the middle of the panel


The left door, had loads of filler and damage


1 5

Also the trunk and bonnet are almost finished, finally some parts without damage




Damages found below layers of filler

Sanding the car is making progress, but found damages below the filler.

On the nose in the area below the emblem buckled and dented, pretty bad so I got an replacement part


The right side


So mostly banged up metal, no rust. There is some rust at the bottom corner of the aft fenders in front of the rear wheels so this will probably mean some cutting and replacing panels.


And above the rear wheels


Damages at the right front fender


A poorly repaired hole in the door sill

DSC_3624 DSC_3626 DSC_3629

Sanding away 6 layers of paint



DSC_3685 DSC_3696

More surprises

dsc_3697-1DSC_3698 DSC_3720

Damage on the the front of the fender


Some damage at the rear upper wing


The rear looks pretty OK, just some minor dents


All in all I’m feeling not so lucky. On the other hand, it’s a 48 year old car so it had to have some hidden damages. As I said most damages do not have rust, but they have to be attended to.

I came across this advertisement of Volvo, pretty funny advertising by Volvo.



While sanding down the car the dust gives a nice effect with the sunlight.


Recently the guy who is going to do the sheet metal work and welding came by to look the car overr. I will sand down the car to bare metal as much as possible and in a couple of weeks I will bring the car over to him. First thing then is sand blasting andthen he he will start with the repair off all the bad spots and do some modifications. Unfortunately he allready could see some bad rusty spots of which I thought would be not much of a problem, so there will be some major cutting and welding.

DSC_3527 DSC_3544

Sanding down the filler creates a lot of dust, and discoveries of more hidden damages.


Also did some interior work. I glued the two patches of leather (which I painted) on the second seat bottom frame, quite a time consuming job. Now wait for the glue to dry and I can put the seats completely back together. Possibly I will paint another layer of black leatherpaint on the patches, because they got damaged during the gluing.

DSC_3533 DSC_3532DSC_3537