Fuel tank looking good

The fuel tank cleaned up and looking good. Just needs new paint. Even the internals look very good, no rust. I had the intention to re-seal the inside of the fuel tank, but it is so clean, I guess that’s not necessary.

DSC_1112 (Small)DSC_1111 (Small)DSC_1108 (Small)

Fuel tank sender is lookin less good. Resistance is jumping around when moving the float and does not de- or increase fluently (which explains the bouncing around of the fuel gauge). The resistance has to be in between 5-10 Ohm (empty) and 180-205 Ohm (full) (If I’m correct). Think I’m just going to put a new one in, they are not that expensive.

DSC_1102 (Small) DSC_1103 (Small)

Wrecked a drum

As I am disassembling all parts of the suspension for cleaning and painting, the rear axle was next: removing the drums, brakes, bearings and check the spicer gears.

As the axle is loose from the car and sometimes extreme forces are necessary to remove the drums, it’s a bit difficult to counter the force to tighten the drum puller. But, I bought a almost 100% copy of the original Volvo puller which I thought would have to do the trick.DSC_0788.

It worked ok, but it was just too tight. I used a 1,5m long pipe on the wrench, and for several days, heated the drum, banged it with the BFH (big facking hammer) I have, but no help, it did not bulge. At some time during the rampage the drum began to tear apart…

Then, as I allready wrecked the drum, I used a large Kukko puller and this did the trick. Installed the puller again, Heated it up again, and threw a bucket of cool water over the thing. A minute later there was a big BANG like a gunshot and finally it was loose! Victory was mine! Until I realized that this was only the right side………….


BUT, the left hand side came of in like a half an hour of pulling. That was a big relief. It suggests that the RH side really was friggin stuck on the axle. But now I finally can continue with disassembling of the rear axle.

DSC_1023 (Small)DSC_1041 (Small)

Disassembled and cleaned rear axle, placed upside down to fully drain the oil

DSC_1074 (Small)

Also started with the fuel tank

DSC_1068 (Small)

And out comes an almost new fuel tank!

DSC_1072 (Small)

I also did another small fun job, I cleaned up the oil pressure transmitter.


A piece of art

DSC_1011 DSC_1013