Over Saintly

Volvo nut

Rebuild steering box

Cleaned, shot blasted, painted and rebuild with new seals bushes.


Calipers and rear brake pistons finished

So it has been a while, busy with work, kids etc etc. but I’m still working on the car. Finished restoring the calipers. Pistons where too far gone so bought a new kit with seals, pistons and brake pad pins.

I was considering changing the brake system from single system to a double because of safety, but I’m going to keep it original as a single system. If I would change it it would require to replace some bits; other calipers and rear brake pistons with double brake lines, an extra proportioning valve, different brake master cilinder and offcourse all double brake lines. But as I said I keep it a single system as it is original.

Also rebuild the rear brake pistons, they where in good enough shape to reuse. Just in need of a rebuild and a new layer of paint.

Car back home and made a proper dolly

As the bodywork of the car has nearly been finished, I got the car back home in my own shed again after some two years at the metalshop. Finally made a proper restoration stand to move the car around easier and prepare for the door reskinning. I bought a new 380v Mig mag welding machine, a Lorch M222.

Got the car home again

New stand

Started with reskinning the doors.

Slow progress

Two years since my last update, about time for a new one. Progress on the car is slow. Lots of bodywork was neccessary because of some rust and many old poorly repaired damages covered under layers of filler. They all where redone in a proper way. Now the body is nearly finished and I hope I can drop it off at a paint shop within a few months.

I’m also busy rebuilding the front suspension and the rear suspension will be next. This so the car can get back on its wheels after painting.