The pistons where stuck in the calipers, but after a little pursuation I got them out. They did not came out with air pressure from my compressor, so tap them further in, put air pressure on it, tap them back in etc etc. After a while a loud bang and out they came one by one.

Then clean it all up to prep for painting. The bolts, clips, pistons and brake pad pins will go with the second batch to be zinc plated. The seals are all pretty much shot, so I need to find new ones.


Scraping almost done and fat ass wheels received

So I got the wider steelies I ordered from and they are awesome! I like it! They have some small imperfections (the rims are reproductions) so I have to see what can be done about this (I contacted the company from wich I bought the wheels).


And I am almost done with scraping all the mess off of the car beacause of the sandblasting. Soon the car will go to a welder / sandblaster / painter. I did found some good shops who can do these jobs, so we will see what will happen! Yesterday we flipped the car around to do some last pieces of scraping, my brother was helping big time and also made a funny time lapse with his gopro-be-a-hero machine:




After flipping it to the other side:


Making progress

I’m actually making some progress in the tectyl scraping business. Before I thought it would be much harder to get it off, but I have to say it’s going pretty well (or it looks easy because my head is getting all fucked up by sniffing these gasses coming off of the heated up tectyl 😉 ). I think I’m now halfway there.

I’m also still looking for someone who can fix the small rusty spots on the car. I hope this person is also able to do the painting as well. It’s also still a possibility the car will go to a repair shop, but thats probably gonna be more expensive. As you see I’m still figuring out what to do ;).


Still a weird sight seeing the Volvo on it’s side


And I’m saving some money for these 15″ 5,5J 123GT bad boys (60’s bad boys :D). I now have the 15″ 4,5J standard rims, but these 15″ look much better on the car (see example bottom picture) because these rims are 1″ wider. They now have a 8% discount 1ea so I’m not going to wait too long! I like the Minilites more, but these are very rare and very, very expensive.