Making progress

I’m actually making some progress in the tectyl scraping business. Before I thought it would be much harder to get it off, but I have to say it’s going pretty well (or it looks easy because my head is getting all fucked up by sniffing these gasses coming off of the heated up tectyl 😉 ). I think I’m now halfway there.

I’m also still looking for someone who can fix the small rusty spots on the car. I hope this person is also able to do the painting as well. It’s also still a possibility the car will go to a repair shop, but thats probably gonna be more expensive. As you see I’m still figuring out what to do ;).


Still a weird sight seeing the Volvo on it’s side


And I’m saving some money for these 15″ 5,5J 123GT bad boys (60’s bad boys :D). I now have the 15″ 4,5J standard rims, but these 15″ look much better on the car (see example bottom picture) because these rims are 1″ wider. They now have a 8% discount 1ea so I’m not going to wait too long! I like the Minilites more, but these are very rare and very, very expensive.



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