Car back on it’s side again

The restoration stand has been strengthened (my father welded it, it has gained about 20 kilo’s of welding wire and it can hold a tug boat now 😉 ), painted it, installed the car again and continued with removing of the tectyl.



This is better than scraping when lying on my back!



Also visited my uncle who is restoring a Nekaf M38a1 truck (a in Holland license build Willy Jeep), which was used by the Dutch military back in the days. My uncle, who served in the military, also worked on these 4X4’s back then, so I guess, in a way it’s a bit the same story as me and my Volvo ;). Anyways, it’s a nice project! I hope to see it back on it’s wheels again some day!



Also available with a anti tank cannon 😛


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