Started disassembling

I started to disassemble the car as I want it to be stripped completely to get it sand blasted and painted. I removed some parts under the hood (and the hood itself) to prepare for engine and transmission removal. I also removed some parts from the exterior like chrome strips, grille, bumpers, rear and front lights etc and making lots of pictures in the process, as all this has also have to be put together again, some day.

The car in my small shed.


I put it on stands, it looks like a spaceship.


Gutted the interior

foto 4



Beautiful dash!     Afbeelding


Removing tectyl

I started with removing some of the coating at the inside of the RH front fender to get a better view of the state of the body. The car had been treated with a coating on the under- and inside of the car somewhere in the early ’00’s. This probably protected the body, but it can also hide any (beginning) rust. This means lots of extra work scraping all around the car… Afbeelding

Restoring a Volvo 1800S ’67

Finally after years of searching I now am the proud owner of this green Volvo 1800S from 1967. The car was in medium shape, just some minor beginning rust, the paint is bad at some locations and some other parts and pieces of the car wich are in a somewhat neglected condition. I drove the car for a while and now started the restoration. I will try to update this blog with the progress of the restoration of this car!

I started with this blog a few months after I started with the actual restoration, so the first blogs are all made in april. I actually started in the end of 2013. Also, the sequence of blogs is not always correct.

The car:


We found that the oil filter was fitted next to the battery with some extension hoses, probably to make oil filter changes easier. I also found on an old inspection report of the car that there where some interesting accesoires installed back then, such as a Halda twinmaster, speedpilot, 4 high-beam CibiĆ© headlights, black race seats, steeringlock, fire extinguisher, minilites 14″ rims. Engine, 4 cilinder 2 liter around 140pk, completely overhauled and tuned. It seems the car was prepped and used for amature rallying, nice!