Testing the restoration stand

I placed the car in the restoration stand today and it works okay. It was originally built to fit on a Amazon, but a 1800S is almost the same, so it was a almost direct fit. The car is now back on its wheels again because the stand needs to be strengthened, there are some bad welds which need repair.



Just enough ground clearance.



Book tip: Zweedse Liefde (Swedish Love)

I have this sitting in my bookshelf for a long time now, but I rediscovered it again this week and I would like to share this. It is a compilation written by one of my favorite (dutch) writers: Martin Bril. Sadly, he died in 2009 and so making this book extra special. It’s written in Dutch, so this probably won’t be very interesting for international visitors visiting this site.

Martin Bril liked and drove Volvo’s. He wrote some beautiful columns about these cars over the years and these columns where collected and put together in this book. His writing style was different, full with humor and self mockery. A quote of a piece he wrote two years before his death:

“Zolang we maar bewegen, de Volvo en ik, zo lang leven we”

“As long as we are moving, the Volvo and I, this long we will live”

Dear Martin, I hope you are still moving, wherever you may be.