Removed headliner and windscreens

First removed the windscreens and then the headliner. The liner I removed with the help of my brother, this was quite the painstaking job, as the ceiling will damage very easy. The wood all around is 47 years old and consists of 2 layers of glued together fine wood, this because it has to be flexible to fit in the curves of the roof. This glue has deteriorated after 47 years of service and can easily let go when the frame is forced into too sharp bends.

Luckily we removed it almost completely intact. The ceiling does need some attention. Maybe treat the wood with some sort of wood-dye and paint the ceiling? I still have to find out how to do this. Again, luckily there is lots of info to be found on the web about this.

The windscreens where also an easy job. We found some more small rusty spots hiding behind the windscreen rubbers. Again a good indication that this is the right time to take on this job. Next time I will make a summary of the visible rusty spots.


The sunshades are also worn. I read some articles about how to restore them. Apparently you can cut them open and fill them with some sort of foam wich will harden up. This way you can give the sunshades their original form back again. Also see:


Here you can see a small damage, the wood has cracked a bit. Not a big problem I guess.



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