Swearing and scraping!

I’m finished with scraping of the interior! But man, what a bitch this coating on the seams. And at 2 or 3 places I found a little bit of rust behind the coating, again some ticking time bombs, I hate bombs :(.


I’ll see if maybe it’s better to use something else to cover the seams again when the car is sand blasted.

But with the help of a small blowtorch (watch out of not putting too much heat in the metal of the car!) and again, some patience, I got it almost all removed from the interior (trunk, engine bay and interior), I hope it’s good enough for the sand blasting guys. Next is the lower side of the old diva! :). The lower side is really going to be a LOT of work. Maybe I can trick some friends with a case of beer and a BBQ to help me a day or so ;). When the car is painted again I’m not going to use Tectyl again, I want to use something like Dinitrol. This because dinitrol is transparent and this way you can see if there are rusty spots forming over time. With Tectyl you cannot see this. I guess Dinitrol is not as tough as Tectyl, so it provides less protection, but at least you can still see the metal. But these are all far, far away future plans :).


Cleaned up the inside.


A strange weld at the front. I guess I’m gonna find some more repairs at the lower side of the car, but it would be strange if I wouldn’t find any repairs on a 47 year old car.


I’m beginning to know all of the car this way ;).

IMG_2581 (Medium)

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