Lots of interior scraping work

Everything is removed from the interior, so finally the real fun work can begin! :(. Removing all the glue, adhesives, sealant, isolation panels, dirt etc etc. Especially the sealant at the seams is a bitch. But working with plastic scrapers, a fire torch and lots of patience does the job. The interior is almost done, just some more sealant at the seams has to be removed.


When the interior is clean, I can start with the underside of the car. This will take the most work because underneath the car is completely covered in a 1/2 cm thick layer of tectyl.. For this work I can borrow some sort of restoration stand, so I can put he car on its side to work on the lower side of the car, kinda like as in the image below. It is fitted on the wheel hubs, so the frond and aft suspensions cannot be removed from the car.


This would even be better, but then it would not fit in my garage:


And I also want to build something like this, a sort of transportation stand:


I would like to make something like that, but the frame has to support the car at the jack points, because the front and aft wheel suspensions will remain installed (because of the restoration stand I will use fits on the wheel hubs) untill the car will go to the shop for sand blasting.

Or I could just do it without a restoration stand and do it like this.. šŸ˜‰

foto (8)

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