Stripping the paint

As a preperation for the sandblaster, I am using a chemical paint stripper so the sandblaster has an easier job. It seems the car has accumulated 5 layers of paint over the years and some patches of filler. It is hard to remove all the filler with the paint stripper, so I will leave this for the sandblaster. I haven’t noticed any major repairs yet, so thats good news, but we’ll see how the car looks after sandblasting. I suspect there will be some minor repairs visible then. I’m also working on cleaning up and preparing for painting of some parts of the rear + forward suspension (sway bars and such) and some other small parts and pieces. DSC_0263 (Medium)

The whole process of restoring the car is going a bit slower than I expected it to be before I started. But it doesn’t matter much. I want it all to be done the right way, so, if it’s gonna take more time, so be it. I hope the car is painted and back in my garage spring 2015. Rebuidling the car probably will be much more fun than scraping tectyl or working with paint stripper.

DSC_0127 (Custom) DSC_0133 (Custom) DSC_0142 (Custom) DSC_0143 (Custom)


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    • I think it’s body filler, well see what comes out after sand blastig. Floors and B-pillars are all good, just some minor rust spots, I’m VERY lucky. Nothing like yours… ;).

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